Cloud Computing


We develop intelligent software that adapts to its operating environment and provides real-time insight to its users.


We design cloud services that are accessible on any device, in any location, using high performance cloud technologies.

MAYA.NET Cloud Platform

Modern applications require high availability of computing power, storage, and networking. Maya Virtual Cloud Platform ( provides scalable, high performance computing for the most demanding cloud applications.


wave(ai) Cloud Software

Analytics empower businesses to be safer, more agile, and provide a higher level of service to end-users. WAVE(AI) is a full-stack cloud orchestration suite for web hosts, ISPs, managed service providers, and IT services.


GAMEWAVE Cloud Gaming

Gaming is on the verge of a paradigm shift, as 5G mobile networks and cloud-accelerated graphics begin to reach the mainstream. GAMEWAVE gives players and publishers on-demand access to accelerated game streaming in the cloud.